SB2 - Strong Body, Strong Bones - This class is designed to help you increase muscular strength and endurance which can help with weight management and activities of daily living. Building a strong body also helps build strong bones. Research shows weight-bearing strength, power and rotational exercises can help strengthen bones and reduce the risk of osteopenia and osteoporosis. Equipment is provided. Check out our new cardio/resistance circuit format!  

TRX™ Golf Conditioning - If you play golf or tennis, your fitness program should reflect the needs of your sport. Train for strength while strengthening your core. Focus on core stability and overall mobility to maximize your potential. 

TRX Suspension Training - This workout system leverages gravity and your bodyweight to challenge your entire body. You will develop strength, balance, and core stability simultaneously.

Zumba™ - Ditch the workout and join the party! This popular workout is based on a variety of dance rhythms. You'll forget you're working out. All levels are welcome; no dance experience needed! 

Yoga - The ancient traditions of Hatha yoga have been brought into the 21st century and blended with modern fitness concepts.  You'll develop flexibility, strength, balance and relaxation techniques. A limited number of yoga mats are available for you to borrow.

ABC - Ab & Back Conditioning - Low back pain is the #2 reason for doctors visits behind the common cold! But, low back pain is often caused or exacerbated by weak core muscles and muscular imbalances. ABC - Ab & Back Conditioning combines elements from traditional fitness and Pilates exercises to build a stronger and healthier core. We will do exercises on the mat, but also standing exercises to improve balance. Mats are available for you to use. Wear comfortable stretchy clothes; no footwear is needed. 

AquaFit - Stay cool...workout in the pool! This class includes low-impact high-intensity cardio training and is suited for all fitness levels.  Bring your aqua shoes and a towel; plan to get your hair wet!