JanaFit Products

Basic Yoga DVD
The ancient traditions of yoga have been brought into the 21st Century and blended with modern fitness concepts. You'll develop flexibility, strength, balance and relaxation techniques. This program is for beginning and intermediate fitness levels. No prior experience or flexibility required. Add your own music and enjoy! $19.99

The Anywhere Workout
Can't get to the gym due to work, travel or kids? There are no more excises! The Anywhere Workout comes with resistance turning, a door attachment, travel bag and easy-to-follow instructions on how to get a complete workout right in your own home, office or hotel room. Now you can maintain your strength program wherever you are! $24.99

Mat Fusion DVD
The Mat Fusion workout combines the core strength and great posture of Pilates with the flexibility and balance of yoga for a perfect blend. You'll stand taller and feel relaxed and refreshed! This 65-minute program is for beginner to intermediate fitness levels. No experience of flexibility required. Add your own music and enjoy! $19.99